[SURBL-Discuss] Hello

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Sat Jun 26 10:09:35 CEST 2004


> >What lists did you tst, and in what way? I think quantity should not
> >matter, but quality does. Overhere its catching up 73% of my spam, i dont
> >see any other RBL doing that currently.

> Which lists are you checking against?  I'm getting between a 10% and 20% 
> catch rate.  If I change my code to check both the domain and the IP 
> address for each domain, that goes up to around 30%.

Various lists. DSBL, AHBL, XBL, SPAMCOP, SPAMHAUS and a couple more.

> I added code that allows me to add my own domains and IP's to a private 
> blacklist.  After adding about 100 or so to the private blacklist, I find 
> that the catch rates goes up to 60%.  I added another 300 to my private 
> blacklist last night and its up to around 90%, but I did get 3 false 
> positives last night.

You might want to mail those to WS/SA to get them verified and perhaps 

> For my testing I'm simply adding an X-SPAM header and I'm only running it 
> against my own personal domain, none of my clients.

Whats the spamrate you get on your domains anyway? And your mailvolume? 
We check around 2.500.000 messages daily currently. Hitrates are also 
depending on the type of domains and the number of users you have. And, 
not important also, how 'old' the domains are. The older the more spam 
CD's carry your crap :)


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