[SURBL-Discuss] ob and ab added to multi.surbl.org, docs updated for multi use

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sat Jun 26 22:27:09 CEST 2004

On Saturday, June 26, 2004, 8:34:10 PM, Justin Mason wrote:
> Jeff Chan writes:
>>We've added the content from ab and ob into multi.surbl.org,
>>so it now has all the currently active lists:
>>  http://www.surbl.org/lists.html
>>with the following bitmasks representing the different lists:
>> 2 = comes from sc.surbl.org
>> 4 = comes from ws.surbl.org (and be.surbl.org)
>> 8 = comes from phishing list (labelled as ph in multi)
>>16 = comes from ob.surbl.org
>>32 = comes from ab.surbl.org

> BTW, is this planned to be a bitmask, or multiple A records?  because
> currently it seems to include only one BL per listed domain:

> $ dig surbl-org-permanent-test-[blah].com.multi.surbl.org.
> surbl-org-permanent-test-[blah].com.multi.surbl.org. 348906 IN A

> However, that domain, with "[blah]" replaced by "point" of course,
> is present in all the lists -- so it should be returning something
> either other than, or multiple records.

Interesting question.  The test points are all just static
text in each zone file.  The test points are not actually
included as entries in the lists the zones are built from, so
they're identical on all the lists including multi, which
actually doesn't make too much sense since a answer
on multi means the testpoints "came from the sc list," which
they didn't.

I can see the logic that the testpoints in multi should resolve
into all the lists, but for now I'm disinclined to reorganize
things that way.  Perhaps the best I can do is to mention some
domains that are on multiple lists, such as:

mypharmarcy.com :, mypharmarcy.com on lists [sc][ws][ob][ab], See: http://www.surbl.org/lists.html
myvaluepc.com :, myvaluepc.com on lists [sc][ws][ob][ab], See: http://www.surbl.org/lists.html
nationalwholesaledist.biz :, nationalwholesaledist.biz on lists [sc][ws][ob][ab], See: http://www.surbl.org/lists.html
nennekae.biz :, nennekae.biz on lists [sc][ws][ob][ab], See: http://www.surbl.org/lists.html
netsavinz.biz :, netsavinz.biz on lists [sc][ws][ob][ab], See:  http://www.surbl.org/lists.html

>>I've also updated the SURBL Quick Start page:
>>  http://www.surbl.org/quickstart.html
>>to link to the updated URIDNSBL.pm page containing the urirhssub
>>program which can use multi.surbl.org:
>>  http://spamassassin.org/full/3.0.x/dist/lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/URIDNSBL.pm
>>and also added sample configs for using multi.surbl.org based on
>>the sample URIBL configs at:
>>  http://www.spamassassin.org/full/3.0.x/dist/rules/25_uribl.cf
>>Would someone who has actually used urirhssub please check the
>>sample configs and scores for correctness?

> yep, looks fine.  could you open a bug on the sa bugzilla and I'll
> get those in before we start mass-checking?  (hopefully, assuming
> everyone's happy with the accuracy rates.  OB_SURBL for sure
> at least, though.)


>>Updating the documentation like this is in preparation for the
>>release of SA 3.0.  Does anyone have any thoughts on when we
>>should announce the multi.surbl.org support?  Should it wait
>>until 3.0 is fully released or not?

> Nah.  go ahead and announce!  other products will want to use
> it, no need for them to wait for SpamAssassin. ;)

Thanks, will do.  We're waiting for all the name server admins
to let us know they're carrying the new zones now.  Once they do
we'll go ahead and announce the new lists, including multi.

Jeff C.

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