[SURBL-Discuss] rDNS entries

Mariano Absatz surbl at lists.com.ar
Mon Jun 28 16:55:21 CEST 2004

El 28 Jun 2004 a las 17:19, Robert Brooks escribió:

> Chris Santerre wrote:
> > That might hurt a lot of virtually hosted and legit sites.
> well, if the scoring is appropriate I don't see it's worse than the way smtp 
> rbl's are handled.
But, for me, SURBL is much better than plain smtp rbls because its collateral 
damage is very, very, very low... regretfully, I can't play the BOFH and I 
have to let pass legit e-mail from 'bad' or 'regular' ISPs (most ISPs in 
Argentina, including the largest ones would be in these categories, and I 
can't reject e-mail from the largest ISPs in the country).

I'm using relatively high scores for SURBL (between 3.0 and 4.0) and couldn't 
be doing this with a higher rate of FPs... 

See the thread 'Rule for email of "$43321" ?' in SpamAssassin-Users list... 
SURBL caught most or all of them because it was highly scored... 

> It might also encourage the webhosting companies to clamp down on spammers 
> hosting content with them.
I'll happily let SPEWS and the other IP RBLs deal with this.


Mariano Absatz
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