[SURBL-Discuss] Pleaae beta test ds.surbl.org - 6dos data

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Tue Jun 29 02:09:49 CEST 2004

On Tuesday, June 29, 2004, 1:02:50 AM, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:
>> Please beta test ds.surbl.org which is the 6dos data turned into
>> a SURBL.  In particular, please check the false positive rate and
>> let us know what you find.
>> Please do not use ds.surbl.org for production mail servers as it
>> is hosted only on my name server.

> Could you make it available via rsync also?

I see the rbldnsd version currently available on the rsync server:-)

-rw-r--r--    10825089 2004/06/28 19:28:11 ds.surbl.org.bind
-rw-r--r--     2031529 2004/06/28 19:28:13 ds.surbl.org.rbldnsd

Jeff C.

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