[SURBL-Discuss] Just to say thanks

David Thurman listonly at webpresencegroup.net
Tue Jun 29 08:23:39 CEST 2004

We are using the spamcop_uri with the 3 main feeds, ws, ob, ab and the main
man and we are seeing a reduction of 4-5 in our mail box in the mornings to
1, of course all the other junk is nailed with SA.

Great idea and a great addition to fighting the ads for pills, my small
p*nis and my girlfriends undersized headlight notifications as well as the
fact that I am approved for high interest loans. I am so gullible that I now
can rest easy knowing I won't be taken ;)

Thanks to the SURLB team...
David Thurman
The Web Presence Group
Web Development/E-Commerce/CMS/Hosting/Dedicated Servers

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