[SURBL-Discuss] Remove overlapping rules due to SURBL?

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Wed Jun 30 02:40:17 CEST 2004

On Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 12:46:50 AM, Martin Lyberg wrote:
> This is the lists i use at the moment:

> # sc.surbl.org - SpamCop message-body URI domains
> # ws.surbl.org - sa-blacklist domains as a SURBL
> # be.surbl.org - BigEvil and MidEvil domains
> # ob.surbl.org - OutBlaze spamvertised sites
> # ab.surbl.org - AbuseButler spamvertised sites 

> I wonder if any of my following rulesets is overlapping the SURBL-lists and
> should be removed?

> I have the following rulesets:

> 70_sare_adult.cf
> 70_sare_random.cf
> 70_sare_specific.cf
> 72_sare_bml_post25x.cf
> antidrug.cf
> backhair.cf
> bigevil.cf
> chickenpox.cf
> evilnumbers.cf
> tripwire.cf
> weeds.cf

Hi Martin,
On behalf of everyone contributing to the SURBL poject, thanks
for your kind words.  Glad you're finding SURBLs useful.

Chris or one of the SARE guys will know a lot more about
the specific SARE rules, but I know that the domains in
bigevil.cf are in be.surbl.org, so you may be able to
get rid of bigevil.cf.  For that matter the records in
be.surbl.org are now in ws.surbl.org, so you can get rid
of be.surbl.org also.

Chris & Co are probably creating a heavily wildcarded ruleset
that you may want to use in future in addition to SURBLs.

1. Get rid of bigevil.cf, it's mostly in be.surbl.org
2. Get rid of be.surbl.org, it's in ws.surbl.org

Jeff C.

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