[SURBL-Discuss] Good news/bad news on .us ccTLDs

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sat May 1 00:05:11 CEST 2004

1.  Found a list of .us reserved domains at:


2.  The list has 50k domains at 1 MB of text uncompressed,
so it will probably be somewhat impractical to use on the
client side.

3.  It only needs to be processed on the data side to make
sure none of the .us ccTLDs gets into the SRUBLs, and that's
now in place.

4.  There are very many more reserved domains as described
at:  http://www.nic.us/faqs/index.html#list_reserved_names as:

> Where can I see a list of reserved .US names?
> See http://www.neustar.us/registrars/. In addition to the
> specific names contained in this reserved name file, the
> following categories of names are also reserved: 
>     * All numbers five digits and higher
>     * All numbers in the format five digits-four digits (zip codes)
>     * All telephone numbers including toll-free numbers
>     * Tagged domain names—all labels with hyphens in the third
> and fourth character positions (e.g. "bq--kn2n4h4b")

5.  It's very unlikely that any of these geographic or
reserved domains will become a major source of spam hosting.  I
don't envision city or country registrars handing subdomains
under reserved domains to random spammers.  I had a heck of a
time trying to get the late, lamented Jon Postel to let the City
of Mountain View change theirs from mtview or mtnview to
mountainview....  I know things are different now, but I
still doubt reserved subdomains are going to be handed out
like Mardi Gras candy or anything like that.  :-)

6.  Note that none of this prevents spammerdomain.us
from getting onto the blocklists.  That will still happen
as it should.

Jeff C.

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