[SURBL-Discuss] Sendmail milter and SURBLs? sbl.spamhaus.org and SpamCopURI or urirhsbl?

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sun May 2 22:09:42 CEST 2004

Saw a link on the Spamhaus site to a sendmail milter:


"This milter will also decode (base64, mime, html entity) and
scan for HTTP and HTTPS URLs and bare hostnames in the body of
the mail. If any of those host names have A records on the SBL
(or a single configurable list), the mail will be rejected unless
previously whitelisted."

Seems to me that should be just as usable with SURBLs as the
more limited spam body domain names in sbl.spamhaus.org.  Has
anyone tried this milter with SURBLs?

Conversely has anyone tried sbl.spamhaus.org as a SURBL in
SpamCopURI or urirhsbl?

Either could be interesting....

Jeff C.


Installation and configuration

Usage: Note that this has ONLY been tested on Linux,
specifically RedHat Linux. In particular, this milter makes no
attempt to understand IPv6. Your mileage will vary. You will
need at a minimum a C++ compiler with a minimally thread safe
STL implementation. The distribution includes a test.cpp
program. If it fails this milter won't work. If it passes, this
milter might work. Fetch dnsbl.tar.gz and

tar xfvz dnsbl.tar.gz
bash install.bash

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