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Mon May 3 17:24:18 CEST 2004

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>Chris Santerre <csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com> writes:
>> Hey there guys! This was the crazy idea I was discussing 
>with Doc. I wished
>> for a realtime form of DB or flat file to be updated 
>continuously on rule
>> hits. No grepping thru logs or anything. Simply when an 
>email is sent thru
>> SA, whatever rules hit, increase a counter in a db or flat 
>file for that
>> rule. Seperate db or flat file for ham and spam. This gives 
>live stats on a
>> system. No grep'n going on. Just a counter per rule.
>That might give you a good hit rate, but it won't give you an accurate
>S/O number.

Well if it counts spam and ham hits, then an S/O is but a division away ;)

>> This is to be used on some advanced rule writing we want to 
>work on. It also
>> alows an admin to see what might not be worth keeping 
>around. Allowing them
>> to remove poor performers and increase system speed. 
>Sort of like http://www.pathname.com/~corpus/DETAILS.new ?

Sort of. I didn't know you guys did that nightly. Very nice. I'm looking for
a more localized process that doesn't require a run of anything. Having
counters generated means just checking totals. And even if one didn't use
the exact same rules as another, they could easily combine totals for the
ones they do. 

However your method is more accurate. 

>The corpora have to be sorted by humans to be accurate and runs need to
>be synchronized so everyone tests the same rules so runs only happen
>once a day, which is fast enough.
>We've been doing this for well over a year and it works great.  If only
>we had more active developers working on rules...

I'm not quite sure how to take that last line. 

Chris Santerre 
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