[SURBL-Discuss] Proposal to add some anti-phishing data to SURBL

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Tue May 4 20:48:17 CEST 2004

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> It's pretty certain we will want to do a combined list of at
> least ws and sc.  As an alternative to Bill merging a phishing
> list into ws, we could add it to a combined list and *not* have
> it as a small, separate list.  (In other words it would obly
> be available in a combined list.)  If we do the latter we could
> probably give it a unique result value.
> Either way is possible (i.e. merge into ws, or merge into a
> combined list.):
> 1.  Merge into ws:  probably no specific code for phishing
> 2.  Merge into combined list:  could have a separate code
> 2a.  (With no separate list for phishing if it's small.)

I personally think 2 is the preferred option as it provides domain &
netblock owners with a possible means of becoming unlisted.  Further helping
us remove false positives and mopped up incidents as soon as we can.

As far as creating additional SURBL's go, I think the less lists kept
overall the better, it's much kinder on bandwidth & end users system



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