[SURBL-Discuss] RE: Bug in Spamcop's surbl add-on module

Chris Santerre csanterre at merchantsoverseas.com
Wed May 5 17:03:15 CEST 2004

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>Subject: Re: Bug in Spamcop's surbl add-on module
>On Wednesday, May 5, 2004, 5:18:04 AM, Keith Hackworth wrote:
>> I was installing
>> a new mail server and testing the surbl lookups, but my test kept
>> getting through not being marked as spam.  The test I was using was
>> http://e.1asphost.com - this is on the be.surbl.org list. ...
>> My logs show that the
>> system is looking up 1asphost.com, which is NOT on the list. 
> For some
>> reason, it stripped off the "e."
>> It seems that spamcop's surbl doesn't handle subdomains at 
>all.  Anyone
>> else seeing this?
>Hmm, it is indeed in BigEvil with the e. :
>bigevil.cf:uri BigEvilList_181     
>and it's therefore making it into be.surbl.org with the e. :
>However we should be taking off the subdomain before it goes into
>the SURBL form.  I'll need to check with Chris on how we can
>handle that.
>BTW, SURBL is not a SpamCop project, although we are using
>SpamCop URI domains as a data source in the sc.surbl.org list.
>Jeff C.

It's not a bug, its a feature! Actually, no its a bug :) I have been going
thru cleaning these sort of things up. However I started at the begining of
the B.E. list. This is at rule 181, I haven't even got to 100 yet! This is
left over from my alpha phase of B.E. I've had a lot more coffee since then.

So I will fix that one, But I'm sure there are others ;)


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