[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: Combined SURBL list details, phishing list ready

Simon Byrnand simon at igrin.co.nz
Thu May 13 12:12:07 CEST 2004

At 11:02 13/05/2004, you wrote:

>5.  We will likely want to combine the ws and be lists into a
>single entry in a combined list, probably using the .1 bit for
>both of them, since both lists contain the enumerated
>(non-wildcarded) domains from SA regular expressions.  Also,
>things are moving towards combining the non-wildcarded domains
>sa-blacklist and BigEvil/MidEvil, so this would somewhat
>short-circuit that process and future-proof things.

Is it necessarily a good idea to combine lists like ws and be into a single 
entity when the sources of information are different ? (One comes from 
Bill, one comes from Chris) What policies of inclusion and removal do they 
each have ?

Say that a legitimate domain were somehow blocked, how would an end user 
know if it was Bill's data or Chris's that actually had it listed, to try 
and get it removed ? Etc...

So from a technical point of view, fine no problem, but I wonder a bit 
about compatibility of listing policies etc..


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