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> On Wed, 12 May 2004 16:02:33 -0700, Jeff Chan wrote:
> > 2.  Another question would be the name of the combined list.  Since
> > there would be three or more lists, someone had suggested a name
> > of "all" before.  That sounds good to me unless there are other
> > suggestions.
> This could potentially lead to confusion if you subsequently add another
> list not included in the "all" for some reason. That may seem unlikely
> now, but who knows? How about "multi"?

How about surbl.surbl.org?  Being the primary rbl, this kinda makes sense :)

Also on the other points about how to respond - I suggest the different IP
per list as being smartest the octet based response is too non-specific.
This only leaves the question on how do we handle multiple listings :)



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