[SURBL-Discuss] urls not parsed by spamcop itself

John Fawcett johnml at michaweb.net
Sun May 16 14:19:30 CEST 2004

Up to now I have been looking watching out for types of url which are not
parsed by SpamCopURI.

Today I have found one which is parsable by SpamCopURI, but which risks not
being blocked for a different reason.

When I went to Spamcop to report the spam, the URL was not parsed out by
spamcop reporting engine. This domain is therefore not going to enter into
the data (at least from this spam run) and so won't be blocked.
BTW the domain is: agrinho.com.

I suppose I should tell spamcop about this...but I thought I'd mention it
here to fellow surblers because anything which stops spamvertized domains
going into spamcop will have an affect on blocking. In reality we need the
parsing mechanisms of clients (like SpamCopURI or URIDNSBL) *AND* of Spamcop
itself kept up to date with new obfuscation methods. Alternatively, we need
some way of submitting to one of the surbl lists, but that's a big step to


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