[SURBL-Discuss] DNS for dummies

rleonard at opto22.com rleonard at opto22.com
Thu May 20 12:58:53 CEST 2004

Written like a true, typical linux lurker!

Sometimes it is better to have one on one with somebody who knows what they
are doing, than going off of some text from Google.. 

I got a lot of great help, and got it running in less than an hour.. much
less time than it would have taken me to research, read, test, re-research
any questions and implement..

Another, better question is.. why do some people feel compelled to reply
negatively rather than just ignore?  I get more traffic on this newsgroup
than I get SPAM.. most of it is completely beyond me, and I'm of no use to
anybody.. but every once in a while I get a message from another newbie that
is running into an issue I have already figured out.. and it is with
pleasure I reply to them.. even though they probably could have just googled
the answer themselves.  The rest I glance at, and delete.

Thanks again to everybody on this list that is helpful to those of us that
are either new, time restricted or just plain lost..

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rleonard at opto22.com wrote:

> Has anybody written a "HOWTO DNS" for dummies.. 

Why don't people do their homework? Next time, use Google to search for
"HOWTO DNS". It returned approximately 510,000 hits.

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