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> This Off topic but figured most of us all get hit with this stuff.
> I am in need of a bit of help.
> I got a whole bunch of open relays doing rumpelstiltskin(sic) attacks on
> both my main mailserver and my seconary MX server... hitting the
> secondary and making it throttle the main one.
> Anyway is there a way to use some of these RBLs to basically deny these
> open relays to be able to even attempt these attacks?
> I'm running  Sendmail 8.12.11 on Linux... both these boxen run RH 6.2
> and are really locked down against other attacks.
> I use to just drop routes to these idiots but never a good solution
> IMNSHO 8*)
> I looked through the sendmail FAQs and didn't find anything that was
> helpful.
> Any idea would be more then welcome.

Hi Doc,

Have a look @ http://www.albury.net.au/netstatus/technical.stuff we use it,
and its the bomb..

We have had an ongoing attack from a Taiwanese network belting the heck out
of one server we manage, this script has saved the day majorly & helped
reduce the volume of messages we have to kill post receipt by about 1/5.

Some stats and basic logs are available at
http://gambit.unitedip.net.au/deroute/ and yes @ the top right that is
saying more than 2880 IP's derouted :)

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me off list.



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