[SURBL-Discuss] Nice URIDNSBL functionality

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Mon Nov 1 08:40:08 CET 2004

On Sunday, October 31, 2004, 11:24:33 PM, Bill Landry wrote:
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> From: "Alex Broens" <surbl at alexb.ch>

>> > Folks, with some of the nice functionality that the SA devs built into
> the
>> > URIDNSBL plug-in (see
>> >
> http://spamassassin.apache.org/full/3.0.x/dist/doc/Mail_SpamAssassin_Plugin_URIDNSBL.html),
>> > you can do cool things like:
>> >
>> > =====
>> > # URIDNSBL (queries URIs against standard DNSBLs)
>> >
>> > uridnsbl  URIBL_AH_DNSBL dnsbl.ahbl.org.   TXT
>> > body      URIBL_AH_DNSBL eval:check_uridnsbl('URIBL_AH_DNSBL')
>> > describe  URIBL_AH_DNSBL Contains a URL listed in the AH DNSBL blocklist
>> > tflags    URIBL_AH_DNSBL net
>> > score     URIBL_AH_DNSBL 0.5
>> >
>> > I have been running these additional URI tests for about two weeks and
> have
>> > gotten very good results.  If you decide to try out these tests, you may
>> > want to run them with minimal scores until you see how they are going to
>> > perform for you in your particular environment.

>> Will these lookups also work with SA 2.6x/SpamcopURI ?

> Alex, I'm sure it would work fine for the RHSBLs (in fact, I was using
> SpamcopURI against the MailPolice RHSBL before upgrading to SA 3.0.x), but
> probably will not for the DNSBLs, since I don't think it supports the
> functionality of doing a DNS lookup on the URI and then querying the DNSBL
> with the IP address (instead of the domain) like the URIDNSBL plug-in does.

It may be worth pointing out that uridnsbl does not look up the
IP address of the URI against RBLs, but the IP address of the
URI domain's *name server*.  It's not the same thing as checking
the web server against an RBL, but looking up name servers is
quite effective if the RBL contains some addresses of spammer
name servers, as sbl.spamhaus.org definitely does.

Jeff C.
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