[SURBL-Discuss] Nice URIDNSBL functionality

Bill Landry billl at pointshare.com
Mon Nov 1 23:20:31 CET 2004

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From: "Fred" <tech2 at i-is.com>

> I just have to say THANK YOU BILL!  I sat down today to accomplish exactly
> this, I thought I had an original idea but it looks like you beat me to
> I posted in Bugzilla  few days ago to the SA devs that we need this
> functionality.

You're welcome.

> I just wanted to querry the websites NS server to see if it's listed in
> SBL-XBL because 9 times out of 10 when I go to report a domain to WS, it's
> almost always listed in SBL-XBL.

Yep, that's why I was interesting in using these new test capabilities, as
well.  You might want to try MailPolice, also.  I have gotten pretty good
test results from them.

> How hard would it be to querry the A record for the domain as well?

This seems to say that you could do this (see
uridnsbl NAME_OF_RULE dnsbl_zone lookuptype

Specify a lookup. NAME_OF_RULE is the name of the rule to be used,
dnsbl_zone is the zone to look up IPs in, and lookuptype is the type of
lookup (TXT or A). Note that you must also define a header-eval rule calling
check_uridnsbl() to use this.

 uridnsbl        URIBL_SBLXBL    sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org.   TXT
 header          URIBL_SBLXBL    eval:check_uridnsbl('URIBL_SBLXBL')
 describe        URIBL_SBLXBL    Contains a URL listed in the SBL/XBL

by changing "TXT" to "A" in the above rule definition, but I could be wrong
and have not tested it.


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