[SURBL-Discuss] Re: SURBL not working properly in SA 3.0.x (and MailScanner)

Theo Van Dinter felicity at kluge.net
Wed Nov 3 05:49:33 CET 2004

On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 08:33:25PM -0800, Jeff Chan wrote:
> >>> Before the upgrade, everything worked well with SA 3.0.0 and MaliScanner
> >>> 4.34.  Now, SURBL doesn't work unless I do some really strange things. 
> > I've
> >>> reinstalled SA, MS, and ClamAV, but no joy. I've since upgraded to SA
> > 3.0.1,
> >>> MS 4.35.9 and Mail::ClamAV 0.13. I already had ClamAV 0.80 installed.
> You may want to post your SA startup on the SA discussion list.

We're likely to first answer that we can't help with MailScanner.  Try
"spamassassin -D < some_message > /dev/null" from the commandline, and see
what happens.  If SURBL works there, it's MailScanner.  If it doesn't, the
debug should give you some hints.

The two main issues I've heard about are: not using a supported Net::DNS
version, the install (or third party tool, or ...) not using init.pre
to load the URIDNSBL module.

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