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Chris Santerre csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com
Mon Nov 8 17:14:40 CET 2004

So what was the outcome?

That's right, I'm back! For 2 days anyway. I'm much happier and poorer from
my vacation! But I did manage to pickup a BFG 6800 OC video card while I was
away ;)  WOOOT!!! Fragfest!

(Yes I did OC the OC a bit more!)

(I firmly believe if Disney shaped dog poo into the Mickey shape, My wife
would want to buy it!)

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>On Thursday, October 28, 2004, 1:41:43 PM, Fred Fred wrote:
>> Can someone tell me why LT02.NET is whitelisted?  (don't 
>tell me cause it's
>> in ham) I would like an example if possible.
>> They use open relays to send their spam, the have 8 nanas 
>hits, the domain
>> is fairly new like 2004-08-06
>> Hand checked, it does not look like a legit site.  (main 
>page is just a
>> remove form.)
>> I played around and found that if you visit:
>> http://t.lt02.net/c.asp?
>> it will redirect you to www.listrak.com  which is also 
>whitelisted (listrak
>> has 31 nanas hits).
>> Their mx record is an open relay, I think this is a very 
>questionable domain
>> to whitelist.
>> http://ordb.org/lookup/?host=
>First, we're not an open relay database.  Our concern is spam URI
>Second, lt02.net was whitelisted by Steve Champeon, whose
>anti-spam abilities I trust.  Steve, would you care to comment
>on this one?
>> steve of hesketh.com
>> Has whitelisted:  lt02.net
>> Found on SURBL lists:  WS OB   
>> Justification is:
>> 'Found in possibly legit PRNewswire mailing.'
>> Ticket is:  
>> Timestamp: Tue Sep 14 17:50:25 UTC 2004
>Regarding listrak.com, I whitelisted it, probably because it
>appeared in newsletters from legitimate companies.
>I'm interested in seeing examples of spam and ham mentioning
>these domains.
>Jeff C.
>"If it appears in hams, then don't list it."
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