[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: consensus list?

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Sun Nov 14 03:02:34 CET 2004

Jeff Chan wrote:
>> Or by adding bit 0 on your side for THE one "optimal rule":
>> 85,87, 93,95, 117,119, 125,127 (= same 8, now bit 0 is set)

> But that's more than one list (i.e. more than one number...).
> We probably need a given combination to be a single list,
> for maximum compatibility.

I don't have a tool to identify "odd IPs", I just see it <gd&r>
If SA can't do this Apache would die from a roaring RIDICULUS.

You could of course create a new list *.combo.surbl.org, and
(ab)use bit 0 in multi.surl.org as THE "combo bit".  Same idea
as for all other individual lists.

> I have a feeling changing the second and third octets could
> break several programs.

It's not too bad with rxwhois, nobody uses it to delete mails,
and actually it would be only a bogus error message if you do
this.  Breaking serious "multi" applications would be bad.

> But that's where the next lists need to go....

You don't need "multi" for testing, you could use the future
"combo" list for temporary test results 127.?.?.?.  Bye, Frank

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