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Chris Santerre csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com
Mon Nov 15 18:23:45 CET 2004

Linky no worky??


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>rates measured in DNS
>You'll find some stats from our mail server at :
>  http://j-chkmail.ensmp.fr/urlbl/urlbl.txt
>Some words about it :
>- When a list get a hit, it stops searching other lists.
>- The first list checked is the our one. surbl lists are checked
>  just after our one, in alphabetical order. This means :
>  j-chkmail
>  ab.surbl.org
>  ...
>So, our stats doesn't show all lists, but if this interests you,
>I can easily adapt our stats scripts to get hits for all lists.
>Either way, this shows that most spam detection using SURBL, at
>our domain, comes from ab and multi. This conclusion is mitigated
>by :
>- many entries from our list (j-chkmail) may exist on ob/sc or ws. 
>- our list (j-chkmail) isn't being updated too frequently, because
>  as I said you before, I add entries only when they aren't yet
>  at surbl lists and surbl lists are being updated very fast...
>> In order to explore some conjunctions of existing lists that
>> might have fewer false positives, we've created some stats
>> measuring the number of DNS hits against all blocklists that the
>> individual lists get, along with some permutations of those lists.
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