[SURBL-Discuss] Keep getting this spam, not listed in multi.

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Tue Nov 16 09:37:07 CET 2004

On Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 12:24:50 AM, Martin Martin wrote:
> Joe Wein wrote:

>> Stocks spams don't advertise websites of spams but stocks the spammer owns.
>> pinksheets.com is a domain created in 1996. It's in the SURBL whitelist. It
>> not only has > 400 NANAS sightings but also 50 misc.invest.stocks sightings,
>> i.e. legitimate uses.

> Ok, can you (or someone else) please give me an advice how to stop this
> spam? I'm using different SARE rules and others, but it won't catch this 
> spam. Since my first post i've recieved about five more of this spam.

Hi Martin,
As Joe says, since the stock spams usually don't have URIs
belonging to the spammers, we can't usually catch them with
SURBLs.  Perhaps there is a SARE rule which will catch these.
You may want to ask on the SpamAssassin Users mailing list.

Jeff C.
"If it appears in hams, then don't list it."

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