[SURBL-Discuss] Keep getting this spam, not listed in multi.

Joe Wein joewein at pobox.com
Tue Nov 16 10:09:15 CET 2004

> Hi Joe,
> Ok, can you (or someone else) please give me an advice how to stop this
> spam? I'm using different SARE rules and others, but it won't catch this
> spam. Since my first post i've recieved about five more of this spam.

Hi Martin,

for my own spam filter these stock spams have just about the highest rate of
false negatives, along with diploma spams that only list a phone number. But
I accept that because I'd hate to swap that for a higher FP rate.

At least stock spams don't include sexually explicit content and are not
sent in huge volume. They are relatively benign as long as you are aware
that whatever they recommend is worthless :-)

I award points for terms such as

"Pink Sheets:"
"OTC Bulletin Board"

as well as

"forward-looking statements"
"forward looking statements"
"Section 27A"
"Securities Act of 1933"
"Section 21B"
"Exchange Act of 1934"

If I get some points on top of this for direct-to-mx delivery, sending from
SBL/XBL-listed servers, delivery from certain countries, recognizable
ratware mailer, etc. then this is enough to catch it for me. Otherwise it
just slips under the radar screen.


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