[SURBL-Discuss] RE: SURBL bomb

Bret Miller bret.miller at wcg.org
Tue Nov 16 19:27:02 CET 2004

> Has anyone seen any emails with hundreds of URIs - meant to overload
> filtering servers and the SURBL DNS servers, not poison them...?

Actually, I haven't seen one that was designed directly to do this, but
did have one with so many URIs that it killed Net::DNS on Windows. The
plugin is supposed to have a limit to prevent this from happening, but
in  SA 3.0.1 even, it doesn't actually use the limit.

I'm pretty sure the crash in Net::DNS only affects Windows and the only
side effect on most other systems will be the number of DNS calls made.
If you're really worried about it, go to bugzilla and get the patch that
fixes it to use the limit.


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