[SURBL-Discuss] general questions.....

Chris Santerre csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com
Thu Nov 18 21:13:26 CET 2004

Have any of you seen fewer spams? I don't see many these days. 

About 15% of the spams I get are not in SURBL, but are by the time I try to
add :) 

I have not done any study of domains that continue to try to spam despite
being in SURBL. Any numbers on these? Possibly the most/longest hit domain
in SURBL lookups?? 

SHould we post the top 25 lookups to SURBL? This way people can look at
maybe denying these by IP at firewall? 

(I am an anal-retentive and highly-clueful well-motivated maniac.) ;) 

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