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Rob McEwen (PowerView Systems) rob at powerviewsystems.com
Thu Nov 18 20:44:56 CET 2004

> Have any of you seen fewer spams? I don't see many these days. 


Overall, I'm getting less and less spam. I think that SURBL is getting better, some graymarketers are cleaning up their acts, and my rules-based filering is also improving.

However, a few days ago, I started getting slammed with mortgage spam using the following domains:

(& others)

An example spam is found here:


In this example, the domain is:


...but darbherm.biz doesn't resolve to anything. However, usa.darbherm.biz DOES resolve. (Of course, you have to go to the actual URL to get to a substantive page... see actual e-mail). 

(1) Could the fact that the baseline domain doesn't resolve have tricked us into thinking that these were no longer active?

(2) Also, in a not-quite-applicable but related thought, should we rethink the policies for removing "dead" domains out of SURBL if they STILL appear in spams. For example, suppose a virus sends out the same spam for a now defunct domain over and over again... shouldn't such a domain STILL be listed in SURBL?

Finally, maybe these particular domains I listed at the top of this message are not in SURBL because of having legit uses?

But I must say that this particular "series" of spam came all of a sudden and ferociously frequent. For example, a couple of my clients would be getting at least a couple of dozen of these SAME e-mails **per day** if I hadn't adjusted my rules based filter to screen these out. Clearly, this kind of behavior where the spam is sent repeatedly each day is NOT playing by the rules.

Rob McEwen

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