[SURBL-Discuss] need help on this one

Patrik Nilsson patrik at patrik.com
Thu Nov 18 23:08:43 CET 2004

At 15:45 2004-11-18 -0500, Chris Santerre wrote:
>Looks like an obvious spam reported. Yet NO NANAS reports and domain from
>Dec 2001. Linkagents.com is connected to same domain, so no zombie there.
>I'm leaning towards adding. I'm thinking someone purchased the old domain.

Both linkagents.com and agentleads.com are registered to Whitehouse.com Inc.

Dan "whitehouse.com" Parasi announced he was changed his focus from adult 
porn to real-estate earlier this year, and that he was selling 
Whitehouse.com Inc and the 100s of domains in it's possession.

So... either he found a buyer, or this is Dan himself, promoting his 
real-estated business.

Either way, I'd say 100% spam.


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