[SURBL-Discuss] general questions.....

Lindsay Snider lindsay at pa.net
Thu Nov 18 23:08:55 CET 2004

On Thursday 18 November 2004 03:13 pm, Chris Santerre wrote:
> Have any of you seen fewer spams? I don't see many these days.

Our graphs show the rates decreasing.

I'm not sure what other factors could be causing the graphs to tend downward 
but I do know the mail volume has increased and the code rbl/block code has 
not changed.

> About 15% of the spams I get are not in SURBL, but are by the time I try to
> add :)
> I have not done any study of domains that continue to try to spam despite
> being in SURBL. Any numbers on these? Possibly the most/longest hit domain
> in SURBL lookups??

I also haven't done a study recently but I could contribute data for analysis 
if we wanted to study any of it.


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