[SURBL-Discuss] general questions.....

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at prolocation.net
Sun Nov 21 16:16:37 CET 2004


> Have any of you seen fewer spams? I don't see many these days.

You mean, spam that still passed the filters? I mean, volume didnt go down 
here, only the ones that passed the filter go down. Like 1% now gets in.

> About 15% of the spams I get are not in SURBL, but are by the time I try to
> add :)

You are getting slow ;) haha. The JP filtering is doing pretty ok. We see 
around 150-300 new domains added daily, and the volume removal requests 
are also very very low the last three weeks. And that last one isnt only 
for JP, but the whole SURBL project in total. So i would like to thanks 
the people who took the time to walk over some older lists. It is really 
showing off!!

> I have not done any study of domains that continue to try to spam despite
> being in SURBL. Any numbers on these? Possibly the most/longest hit domain
> in SURBL lookups??

Most spammers dont care ;) They never did ;)


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