[SURBL-Discuss] general questions.....

Alex Broens surbl at alexb.ch
Tue Nov 23 21:33:30 CET 2004

Rob McEwen wrote:
  > Moreover, when a particular SURBL gets an FP rating of .002%, I think,
> "that's great"... but then I wonder, "is this .002% actual human written
> correspondence, or is it a newsletter, etc?"

Here's a case which I've seen happen, more than once:

I cater for company A, users get no spam.

"User"'s buddy in Company B with no antispam forwards a great offer for 
a US mortgage (for a Swiss citizen?  DUMBO!) and guess what happens, 
SURBL catches this message ....

what do you do?  whitelist the SURBL entry, whitelist DUMBO , ignore FP....

yes, I've chose to ignore FP, and I'm sure "User"'s boss would approve.....

but can an ISP do this easily? nope.....

what do others do?


PS: Nice to have WS back to normal - hands off that kernel Bill!

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