[SURBL-Discuss] Re: hotnudiegirls.com URI as false positive

Samat Jain samat at quasirhombicosidodecahedron.com
Thu Nov 25 03:54:27 CET 2004

Thanks for the help everybody!

This completely appears to be something random, as it's not occurring anymore. 
I had DNS server logs from this morning (the one that services the machine 
running my copy of SA), but they had already been rotated out by the time I 
had the idea to look there (only ~6 hrs kept). The e-mail was sent 11 AM; and 
all SURBL requests after 2 PM look normal as far as I can tell.

If I can catch it doing it again, I'll follow up with as much information as I 
can on the BugZilla report.

Thanks again,

On Wednesday 24 November 2004 16:04, Sidney Markowitz wrote:
> I removed spamassassin-dev from the Cc list since they see the bugzilla
> notices already.
> If you want to see the continued discussion of this bug ticket, you can
> view it, and add yourself to the email notices for it, at
> http://bugzilla.spamassassin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3997
>   -- sidney

Samat Jain <http://tamasrepus.hotnudiegirls.com>

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