[SURBL-Discuss] FP?

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Sat Oct 2 20:44:39 CEST 2004

Jeff Chan wrote to Bitz:

> On Saturday, October 2, 2004, 2:48:44 AM, Bitz Bitz wrote:
>> Hello,
>> The following domains are listed at WS, there were sightings in NANAS,
>> some says poetry . com is a total scam :-)
>> cellular-parts . com    Created on: 30-Jul-98
>> poetry . com            Created on 15-Oct-1996
>> We have customers who are actively subscribed to their lists. But just
>> wanted to get everyones opinion whether these 2 should be whitelisted.
> No SBL hits on either of these relatively old domains.
> No NANAS hits on cellular-parts, 68 on poetry.
> Please send one sample of each message.

I can vouch for poetry.com. I haven't had any mailings from them, but
they are a legit site, and should probably be whitelisted. The NANAS
reports also appear to be bogus; some contain the bare domain
"poetry.com" in tiny font, and some link to images (e.g., of Robert
Frost) on poetry.com, but, after looking at all the reports from this
year, none actually advertise poetry.com.

cellular-parts.com, I know nothing about, except that it's been around
for more than five years and looks pretty darned legit to me.

- Ryan

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