[SURBL-Discuss] Experimental CGI GetURI

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Tue Oct 5 12:23:25 CEST 2004

Ryan Thompson wrote to surbl at alexb.ch and SURBL Discussion list:

>> Ryan,
>> FYI: with Firefox 1.0 PR - W32  I'm often getting html code as an output - 
>> often, not always.
>> ideas?
> I'm working on that, although I haven't been able to reproduce it. I'm
> using FireFox on FreeBSD. Can you boil the "sometimes" down to a series
> of steps that will reliably produce the bug?
> In the meantime, I've found a couple of glitches with some wacky MIME
> stuff that I'm working to correct, which should make it more compliant
> with everything.

OK, I never did reproduce the bug, but I did reduce my somewhat
gratuitous use of multipart/x-mixed-replace to only the necessary

Now, to anyone who saw the HTML code output, it should no longer happen
on the main form screen, nor should it appear when you simply follow the
"id=" style links. It may still appear when you're actually doing a new
query (i.e., after filling out the form and clicking the button). Can
you let me know if this still occurs, please?

I'll look at it again tomorrow. It might be an Apache2 configuration
issue with x-mixed-replace.

- Ryan

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