[SURBL-Discuss] Possible large whitelist from DMOZ data

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at blacknightsolutions.com
Thu Oct 7 11:47:46 CEST 2004

> Daniel Quinlan, one of the principal SpamAssassin architects
> had some good suggestions for reducing false positives in the
> SURBL data.  One was using public databases of URIs,
> particularly hand-built ones like dmoz.org and wikipedia.org
> or even yahoo.com as sources of mostly legitimate domains.
> (The wikipedia is not a web directory in a conventional
> sense; it's more like an open encyclopedia, but it has a
> relatively large collection of URIs.)
> Presumably most of the URIs in these are legitimate and don't
> belong to spammers, especially in DMOZ since it's hand-built.
> So the question is: can these be useful as whitelist sources
> or perhaps as one of the checks on new SURBL additions.
Although directories such as DMOZ are manually edited there is a danger of
spammers "grabbing" expired domains and abusing them. I've seen a lot of
scripts for sale that track dmoz listed domains.....


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