[SURBL-Discuss] Possible large whitelist from DMOZ data

Rob McEwen rob at powerviewsystems.com
Thu Oct 7 14:55:07 CEST 2004


I did the test as promised. So far, I have collected two hams and 37 spams
when manually filtering on this list. (The spams include many which are
duplicates where the spammer sent a batch of spams to various clients of
mine). I sorted these via a quick manual judgment-call, but I'll research
and double-check these more as I get time.

Here are the two FPs:

(see http://www.pvsys.com/jjkeller.txt )
This was a domain name contained with a newsletter which appears to be
legitimate. I showed this to my client who was the intended recipient. He
said that he didn't recall subscribing to it, but he felt like it was a
legitimate and informative newsletter for his industry and he said he
desired to receive it. (I know, a bit weak... but still should be consider
for whitelisting??). Does anyone else know anything about jjkeller.com ??

(see http://www.pvsys.com/associateprograms.txt )
This is a very reputable site for teaching people how to make a living from
affiliate advertising. It is very white-hat and does NOT encourage people to
spam or to harvest addresses. It encourages use of legitimate opt-in
advertising, building web sites, and using pay-per-clicks to advertise
affiliate links. It probably got listed due to an open loop signup form (but
I'm just speculating). There is a link on this site called "Want to fool
spam filters?" ...don't let this link fool you. This page is really about
dealing with filters which are out of control, block legitimate mail, and
where the mail provider is unwilling to whitelist trusted sender/receiver
combos and unwilling to explain why any particular message got blocked.

I'll keep sending this FP stuff from this list as I receive it in my custom
filter... and, when I get more time, I'll (also) send a list and a link to
the stuff that I deemed as spam.

Rob McEwen

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