[SURBL-Discuss] Strange domains, Get no hits. Are they trying to fool SURBL?

Martin martin.lyberg at idkommunikation.com
Fri Oct 8 14:13:51 CEST 2004

Martin wrote:

> Hi,
> Got two different spams not getting caught by SURBL. The domains for 
> both of the spams looks like this:
> http://ss.net.yourstuffspotMUNGED.com?qd="and a tracking id"
> http://mq.net.yourstuffspotMUNGED.com?r="and a tracking id"
> I checked the domain at rulesemporium and got a hit on 
> yourstuffspotMUNGED.com but not at the subdomains. Somehow SURBL don't 
> catch it even though it's listed on WS.
> Are they trying to fool SURBL or what is going on?

Oops.. i've just noticed the it was listed in WS and not MULTI at the 
time when i checked. Now it's listed in MULTI and caught :)

** embarrassed **

/ Martin

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