[SURBL-Discuss] Took top percentiles of DMOZ and wikipedia domains, some results

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sun Oct 10 01:30:13 CEST 2004

On Saturday, October 9, 2004, 11:14:59 AM, Ryan Thompson wrote:

> 1. Obtaining that information automatically, although relatively easy
>     and good for a fun time, expressly violates Google's ToS. They have a
>     client library for automated queries, but it only allows 1000 queries
>     per account per day, and doesn't yet work with Google Groups.

> 2. As we know, raw NANAS counts can be extremely misleading. For
>     instance, as you pointed out a few days ago, yahoo.com has > 0.5M
>     NANAS hits.

> By forcing someone to click on the "[ NANAS ]" link, GetURI plays nicely
> with Google, and encourages people to hand-check NANAS hits to look for
> spamvertised examples. I'd worry that with raw counts automatically
> displayed, that some would draw false conclusions from "xx NANAS".

Fair enough.  :-)

One feature to consider adding to GetURI: if it doesn't already,
could it check www.domain.com against SBL?

Jeff C.
"If it appears in hams, then don't list it."

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