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Matthew Wilson writes:
> Folks,
> If I were a spammer monitoring this list's traffic (there have got to be
> some), I would buy up a bunch of domains that were registered a few
> years ago but expired, throw up a bunch of bogus "legitimate looking"
> content,

yep, the google-spammers are doing that already.

> send out a bunch of spam using those "legitimate" domain names,
> and then complain to Jeff et al. that SURBL is generating false
> positives.  According to current policies, my sites would be
> whitelisted, "yay!".  

this is a possible problem, alright.  But as far as I can see Jeff
has been saying to *check* the possible false positive domains, not
to just blindly whitelist them.

- --j.

> It's my opinion that you have to draw the line somewhere because of
> this, and hosting entities who don't have compliant AUPs or enforce
> their AUPs with any speed need to be listed somehow.  
> Jeff, you really should consider creating a separate "semi-legitimate"
> list for entities such as greatnow.com, if only to appease those of us
> who don't necessarily keep often-updated private blacklists and
> whitelists for SURBL queries/hits.
> Thanks,
> Matthew Wilson.
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> On Friday, October 22, 2004, 11:27:25 AM, Jeff Chan wrote:
> > There's a difference between removing the entire list and checking 
> > them carefully before using them.
> > We can use the data if we check it first.
> Can you post or link the list so we can all see the data and comment on
> it?
> Jeff C.
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