[SURBL-Discuss] free host: greatnow.com

Bret Miller bret.miller at wcg.org
Fri Oct 22 22:05:39 CEST 2004

> > If I were a spammer monitoring this list's traffic (there 
> have got to be
> > some), I would buy up a bunch of domains that were registered a few
> > years ago but expired, throw up a bunch of bogus 
> "legitimate looking"
> > content,
> yep, the google-spammers are doing that already.
> > send out a bunch of spam using those "legitimate" domain names,
> > and then complain to Jeff et al. that SURBL is generating false
> > positives.  According to current policies, my sites would be
> > whitelisted, "yay!".  
> this is a possible problem, alright.  But as far as I can see Jeff
> has been saying to *check* the possible false positive domains, not
> to just blindly whitelist them.

And this exposes a serious problem with the current SURBL design. If I
can manage to host one legitimate page in one subdomain and have 100
other subdomains that are purely for spam, you can't list me as a

Maybe we need to rethink this only listing root domains thing. Maybe we
could use an address to mean "check next level" and have the plugin add
the next subdomain level and check that. It would increase traffic, but
only for those domains where you need subdomain checking. 

Certainly it would be better than ignoring a major spammer host just
because a newsletter referred to some code on one page in one subdomain.


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