[SURBL-Discuss] In support of Project Honeypot

Chris Santerre csanterre at MerchantsOverseas.com
Wed Oct 27 16:48:08 CEST 2004

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>On Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 5:01:13 AM, Christopher Albert wrote:
>> Are you guys serious!?
>> Did you look at this page:
>> http://www.projecthoneypot.org/bots_and_servers.php 
>> The ads placed there do not look all  that encouraging:
>Those ads come from google.  I hardly think google are
>spammers.  Lots of non-spammer pages have google ads.
>> http://www.expedite-email-marketing.com/index.htm
>> http://www.l-i-s-t.com/main_site/opt_in_email_lists.asp
>> http://www.classmates.com/cmo/reg/school/index.jsp
>> http://www.definitivedatabase.com/
>Eric Kolve, author of SpamCopURI, works for classmates.com.
>Does that mean SpamCopURI is made for spammers?

Is there an antispam hall of fame? Eric should be in it ;) 
(Along with SA devs of course!)


>I think you misunderstand Project Honeypot.  It is as open and
>noncommercial as SpamCop.  I fully believe that the people doing
>it are trying to go after spammers in a potentially very effective
>and relatively open way.  And they're making a definite effort to
>share their data. 
>I know some of the people working on this project and I
>can tell you they're whitehats.

Thanks for clearing this up Jeff. I guess I'll have to get up out of my
chair and move my lazy butt to inplement this today :) 


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