[SURBL-Discuss] Here it comes.

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Sun Oct 31 14:10:56 CET 2004

On Monday, April 12, 2004, 2:59:18 PM, William Stearns wrote:
> Good afternoon, all,
>         The slashdot effect is probably hammering surbl.org right now.  
> Someone posted surbl.org to http://slashdot.org/
>         The slashdot comments aren't terribly positive - I have no problem 
> with that.  I figure I'll keep contributing as long as it continues to be 
> useful.
>         Cheers,
>         - Bill

LOL!  Uh oh.  That's the smell of my server melting....

Kelsey, any luck getting that second server going?  May need to
web mirror on it too.

Jeff C.
Jeff Chan
mailto:jeffc at surbl.org

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