[SURBL-Discuss] To MUNGE to not to MUNGE

William Stearns wstearns at pobox.com
Wed Sep 1 13:30:50 CEST 2004

Good morning, Ryan,

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Ryan Thompson wrote:

> I know the SURBL.org FAQ documents the use of "MUNGED" to munge URIs for
> discussion. Personally, I think it's silly to do that while sending to
> this list, especially since, in the same heading, SURBL.org also
> suggests "It's probably a good idea to use less filtering on your
> anti-spam mailing list messages, or even to whitelist them". I think

	Please remember that discussion of blacklisted domains also
happens outside of this mailing list.  I've had experiences where my
emails to an sa-blacklist contributor about a blacklisted domain got
relegated to a spam folder.

> The MUNGED is largely unnecessary, takes time to deal with, and (just as
> it is supposed to) stops automatic URI parsing, and even severely
> impairs human URI parsing, to the point that I go cross-eyed after
> spending half an hour reading the finer points on why
> "someMUNGEDwebsite.com" should be whitelisted.

	Then how about a compromise?  Instead of someMUNGEDwebsite.com, 
how about "somewebsite .com".  Still completely human readable, but skips 
past spam filters.  A win for everybody?

> Oh, by the way, SpamAssassin, at least (and all others that I'm aware
> of), will not even parse body tokens of the form domain.com or

	Spamassassin doesn't, but less sophisticated filters may not be so 
	- Bill

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