[SURBL-Discuss] FP: autoscout24.xentranmailMUNGED.com

Alex Broens surbl at alexb.ch
Fri Sep 3 19:06:24 CEST 2004

Jeff Chan wrote:

> On Friday, September 3, 2004, 8:13:57 AM, Alex Broens wrote:
>>FP: autoscout24.xentranmailMUNGED.com
>>        *   5.0 OB_URI_RBL URI's domain appears in ws database at ob.surbl.org
>>        *      [autoscout24.xentranmailMUNGED.com is blacklisted in]
>>        [URI RBL at multi.surbl.org]
>>AutoScout24 AG
>>Bernstrasse 41
>>3175 Flamatt
>>E-Mail: info at autoscout24.ch
>>Web: http://www.autoscout24.ch
>>very white hat
>>Pls whitelist & remove ASAP.
> Hang on a minute, the domain in OB is xentranmail.com not autoscout24.ch.
> xentranmail.com was registered in June 2004.  Is that the one
> that's whitehat?

Both are.....

http://http://www.xentranmail.com/ points to: 

Pls see who uses them for newsletters:


Have I missed something?



Whois info below:


     domain: xentranmail.com
     created: 08-Jun-2004
     last-changed: 09-Jun-2004
     registration-expiration: 08-Jun-2005

     nserver: ns.schlund.de
     nserver: kjm1.de

     registrant-firstname: Joachim
     registrant-lastname: Simen
     registrant-organization: Hoffmann & Noltemeyer & Simen GbR
     registrant-street1: Hansastr. 171
     registrant-pcode: 81373
     registrant-city: Muenchen
     registrant-ccode: DE
     registrant-phone: +49.8945247540
     registrant-fax: +49.8945247519
     registrant-email: simen at kajomi.de

     admin-c-firstname: Kai
     admin-c-lastname: Noltemeyer
     admin-c-organization: Hoffmann & Noltemeyer & Simen GbR
     admin-c-street1: Nymphenburger Strasse 75
     admin-c-pcode: 80636
     admin-c-city: Muenchen
     admin-c-ccode: DE
     admin-c-phone: +49.8912737858
     admin-c-fax: +49.8989355627
     admin-c-email: noltemeyer at kajomi.de

     tech-c-firstname: Kai
     tech-c-lastname: Noltemeyer
     tech-c-organization: Hoffmann & Noltemeyer & Simen GbR
     tech-c-street1: Nymphenburger Strasse 75
     tech-c-pcode: 80636
     tech-c-city: Muenchen
     tech-c-ccode: DE
     tech-c-phone: +49.8912737858
     tech-c-fax: +49.8989355627
     tech-c-email: noltemeyer at kajomi.de

     bill-c-firstname: Kai
     bill-c-lastname: Noltemeyer
     bill-c-organization: Hoffmann & Noltemeyer & Simen GbR
     bill-c-street1: Nymphenburger Strasse 75
     bill-c-pcode: 80636
     bill-c-city: Muenchen
     bill-c-ccode: DE
     bill-c-phone: +49.8912737858
     bill-c-fax: +49.8989355627
     bill-c-email: noltemeyer at kajomi.de

     % See http://registrar.schlund.info for information about 
Schlund+Partner AG

IP Whois Results:

     Connecting to whois.arin.net...

     Deferred to specific whois server: whois.ripe.net...

     % This is the RIPE Whois server.
     % The objects are in RPSL format.
     % Rights restricted by copyright.
     % See http://www.ripe.net/ripencc/pub-services/db/copyright.html

     inetnum: -
     org:          ORG-IP3-RIPE
     netname:      DE-IP-PARTNER-20020717
     descr:        IP Partner
     descr:        Provider Local Registry
     country:      DE
     admin-c:      GT-RIPE
     tech-c:       GT-RIPE
     tech-c:       CS-RIPE
     notify:       grosse at ip-exchange.de
     status:       ALLOCATED PA
     mnt-by:       RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
     mnt-lower:    IPPARTNER-MNT
     mnt-routes:   IPPARTNER-MNT
     changed:      hostmaster at ripe.net 20020717
     changed:      hostmaster at ripe.net 20030604 # de.ip-partner.grosse 
via https://lirportal.ripe.net
     source:       RIPE

     descr:        IP Exchange GmbH
     origin:       AS15598
     mnt-by:       IPPARTNER-MNT
     changed:      grosse at ip-exchange.de 20020927
     source:       RIPE

     organisation: ORG-IP3-RIPE
     org-name:     IP Partner
     org-type:     LIR
     address:      IP Exchange GmbH
     address:      Roonstr.27
     address:      90429 Nuernberg
     address:      Germany
     phone:        +49 911 30950 000
     fax-no:       +49 911 30950 089
     e-mail:       ripe at ip-exchange.de
     admin-c:      CS-RIPE
     admin-c:      GT-RIPE
     admin-c:      KK37-RIPE
     mnt-ref:      IPPARTNER-MNT
     mnt-ref:      RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
     mnt-by:       RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
     changed:      hostmaster at ripe.net 20040415
     source:       RIPE

     person:       Thorsten Grosse
     address:      IP Exchange GmbH
     address:      Roonstr. 27
     address:      D-90429 Nuernberg
     address:      DE
     phone:        +49 911 30950 000
     e-mail:       grosse at ip-exchange.de
     nic-hdl:      GT-RIPE
     mnt-by:       IPPARTNER-MNT
     changed:      grosse at ip-exchange.de 20030827
     source:       RIPE

     person:       Christian Seitz
     address:      IP-Partner AG
     address:      Roonstr. 27
     address:      D-90429 Nuernberg
     address:      DE
     phone:        +49 911 30950 100
     e-mail:       seitz at ip-partner.de
     nic-hdl:      CS-RIPE
     mnt-by:       IPPARTNER-MNT
     changed:      grosse at ip-partner.de 20000815
     source:       RIPE


Domain name:

Holder of domain name:
Xentran AG
Tom Müller
Bernstrasse 41
CH-3175 Flamatt
url at xentran.ch
Contractual Language: English

Technical contact:
Xentran AG
Tom Müller
Bernstrasse 41
CH-3175 Flamatt
url at xentran.ch

Name servers:
ns1.webland.ch	[]
ns2.webland.ch	[]

Date of last registration:

Date of last modification:

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