[SURBL-Discuss] "Unconfirmed" list proof-of-concept

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Fri Sep 3 12:08:22 CEST 2004

Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote to SURBL Discussion list:

> Hi!

Hi Raymond!

> > Here's how it works (and I'm putting this out as a starting point
> > for discussion, not the gospel!)
> Uhm, sorry?

Gospel? Kind of a colloquialism derived from a religious term, meaning
"absolute" or "not open to debate".

>> 1. When classifying domains for SURBL, continue to employ the same level
>>     of effort you do to find all domains worthy of blacklisting, and
>>     submit those to the usual sources.
> This is in no way a SURBL project. SURBL staff listens to the discussion
> here, and we are talking behind the scenes to get things more streamlined.
> Feel free to start own projects, in fact, we would be happy to see more
> projects taking off.

I've been quite vocal in this discussion because I do believe that this
*would* be a good thing for SURBL. But it isn't just me!

> Ryan, i am not trying to be an ass, but somehow with this proposal you
> seem to feel things are not going fast enough, or not exactly the way you
> want to see it.

Actually, I was responding to a genuine interest from several readers of
this very list to get something set up and try it out. My "proposal" was
mostly just a public summary of the good ideas presented publicly and
off-list, and had little to do with my own "feelings" on the matter...

> So you basicly move on, and dont care what SURBL staff thinks of the
> project. You could have asked for a @surbl mailbox to set things up,
> or at least something like 'is it ok if i announce this?'

OK, I'll grant you that. I had no intention of ruffling the feathers of
any "SURBL staff". You have my apologies.

> If Ryan (or someone else) wants to take submissions directly, for
> different lists, fine, but do not use the mailinglist for this
> purpose, the volume is high enough as it is now.

No problem.

> Again, this mail is not trying to upset anyone, i think most of you
> will understand our point of view, if not we would be willing to point
> that out offlist.

Thanks! I'll take you up on that! :-)

- Ryan

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