[SURBL-Discuss] "Unconfirmed" list proof-of-concept

Rob McEwen (PowerView Systems) rob at powerviewsystems.com
Fri Sep 3 14:42:04 CEST 2004

Another good reason for the compromise I recommened in my last message is that me, Ryan, Chris, & others supporting unconfirmed.surbl.org would, essentially, get our list... it just wouldn't be servered automatically DNSRLB-style. But anyone would be free to copy this list and integrate it into their own private filtering rules as they desired. Someone might say... this is slower and less responsive than DNSRLB checking... I'd respond that it is the hardcore spammers that Jeff is referring to that are the fast moving target. FlowGo types tend to stay put with the same domains anyway (or, least they don't trade them out ever few hours or days).

Also, wouldn't this list be higher quality with our combined efforts rather than just a few of us working on our own?

Rob McEwen

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