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Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Mon Sep 6 16:43:55 CEST 2004

On Monday, September 6, 2004, 7:26:58 AM, John Wilcock wrote:
> On Mon, 06 Sep 2004 16:07:43 +0200, Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz wrote:
>> This a very serious french security consulting group. Surely
>> a false positive.
>> Can you remove it ?
>> They run a list but only subscription is **only** done when
>> **explicitely** asked by recipients - I know as I'm one of
>> their subscribers.

> I reported this via the web form at the end of last week after receiving
> two totally unsolicited invitations to join one of their mailing lists
> (and having received other similar spam from them in the past). 

> Still, if there are genuine subscribers to their lists then I guess this
> should be whitelisted, regardless of how dubious their methods for
> attracting subscribers may be. I'll add a local spamassassin rule
> instead if they persist...

Several points:

1.  Please report only domains that have no legitimate uses.
Clearly this domain has many legitimate uses.

2.  Chris or Dallas, can you update the SARE submission form
to say that only 100% spammy domains with no legitimate use
should be reported.  I know this goes against your interest
in greylist, but we must stop FPs at the source, or else
you guys will probably drown in FPs.

3.  Are we checking these before adding them to lists?  It seems
that even a cursory visit to the website of hsc.fr would show
that it has potentially legitimate use since it's a network
security consulting firm since 1989.

This is an example of FPs getting onto the lists which should
not happen.

Jeff C.

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