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Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz Jose-Marcio.Martins at ensmp.fr
Mon Sep 6 16:49:40 CEST 2004

John Wilcock wrote:
> On Mon, 06 Sep 2004 16:07:43 +0200, Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz wrote:
>>This a very serious french security consulting group. Surely
>>a false positive.
>>Can you remove it ?
>>They run a list but only subscription is **only** done when
>>**explicitely** asked by recipients - I know as I'm one of
>>their subscribers.
> I reported this via the web form at the end of last week after receiving
> two totally unsolicited invitations to join one of their mailing lists
> (and having received other similar spam from them in the past). 

OK ! But their invitations were sent only to people who, by some means, 
were in the address book of their sales people. You should note that :

- for some reason you probably had some professional contact with them 
in the past.

- you weren't added to any mailing list. That was only an invitation to 
be inserted into. To be inserted, you should *explicitely* reply to 
confirm your inscription.

- you should also note that they use some authentication method, in a 
way to prevent someone other than you to subscribe to their lists.

> Still, if there are genuine subscribers to their lists then I guess this
> should be whitelisted, regardless of how dubious their methods for
> attracting subscribers may be. I'll add a local spamassassin rule
> instead if they persist...
> John.

I don't think you should consider they use a "dubious method". This is a 
very serious company. But as long as M. Schauer receives copy of this 
message, he will do the necessary to remove you from their records.

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