[SURBL-Discuss] Need help checking FP list from Theo

Jeff Chan jeffc at surbl.org
Tue Sep 7 06:24:57 CEST 2004

On Monday, September 6, 2004, 9:03:33 PM, Joseph Burford wrote:
>> Given the type of source messages and some spot checking, I'm
>> inclined to whitelist them all, but I'd like to ask for some help
>> checking them first.  Can anyone help check these?
> I can do S - Z if that's of help?

> Regards,

> Joseph

Thanks, we could definitely use the help.  Ryan would you like
to split the remainder with me?

FWIW there were another 65 or so domains I extracted from Theo's
hams that I did not include in that FP list because they were
already in whitelists.  In other words they probably would have
been non-hits, unless they were whitelisted recently. 

Jeff C.

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