[SURBL-Discuss] RFC: For everyone hand-checking domains

Ryan Thompson ryan at sasknow.com
Tue Sep 7 06:46:03 CEST 2004

Joseph Burford wrote to SURBL Discussion list:

> Hi Ryan,
>> For those of you hand-checking lists of domains (i.e., from submissions
>> to SURBL lists, either for blocking or whitelisting): would a few of you
>> mind running the new version (1.5) of GetURI (http://ry.ca/geturi/) on
>> one or two of your domain lists?
> Just giving this a go, when running getuti I get the following error,
> Can not open whitelist-domains at ./geturi line 841.

Ahh. You need to run the "getwhitelist" program to fetch the current
whitelist from SURBL. Just noticed that wasn't in the "quick
instructions" part of the web site, so I've updated that. Mea cupla. :-)

> I have a whitelist-local, have just copied that to whitelist-domains
> and it appears to be a bit happier.
> Also can this tool read MBOX files?

Not currently, but from the TODO in the documentation:

          1. mbox support? For now, use any mbox-to-maildir converter.
 	    Google knows about several.

"I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google came up with this:

http://perfectmaildir.home-dn.net/ "a 'Simple but Perfect' mbox to
Maildir converter"

Still, I'll incorporate mbox support in the next version anyway.

Thanks for the feedback!
- Ryan

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